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Total Value $2800.00

Young Entrepreneur Teaches How to Run and Scale a Booming Post-Coronavirus Cleaning Business.

Total Value $2800.00

From: Rara Santorini
Subject: A “Recession Proof” Business As Financial Uncertainty Looms (Learn how to get in on it)

Dear Friend, 

I’m Rara Santorini, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Brisbane.

Did you know over 80% of businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis? Some businesses didn’t survive and the ones left are battling hard just to keep their doors open.

The forecast for the future is quite worrying too. What happens when all the borrowed money needs to be paid back?

It looks like we will be seeing more taxes, more inflation, massive layoffs, and downsizing all around us.

This crisis has shown us just how vulnerable our careers and businesses can be. And the importance of having financial security and stability.

Cleaning is one business that survived the storm and it is poised for massive growth in the post-Covid age.

Once we get through this crisis and we will, cleaning business owners will be one of the few winners.

After mandated lockdowns and restrictions are eased, businesses like restaurants, gyms, office buildings, and care homes will be going above and beyond to provide safe and clean environments for their guests.

Working from home is going to be part of the “new normal” which means there will be a higher demand for home cleaning.

Experts are predicting a big surge in spending on cleaning businesses.

If you know how to sell cleaning services to these clients and retain them by providing excellent service, this will reap excessive financial rewards.


Step By Step Learn The Exact System I Used To 
Grow My Cleaning Business To 6 Figures
(And How Anyone Can Do Same In Their Local Area)

Right now, the idea of launching a 
cleaning business might seem 
overwhelming. Right? 

I get it.

I remember when I was starting out and I had to figure out stuff like how to get a business licence, insurance, creating legal contracts, figuring out how to price a job, how to invoice, how to hire the right people who won’t let you down etc.

And I did make a few mistakes along the way. 

Things can get messy pretty quick without any prior training or experience

But don't worry because I am breaking down every aspect of this business. So the mistakes that I made won't be repeated. I’ve got you covered. 

You will learn about every pitfall that could possibly arise and I will teach you the  solutions to know exactly how to handle it if it does. No stone is left unturned.

I’ve made this so easy for you that all you have to do is copy and paste this proven formula, inserting your own name and brand and you are on the fast track to success.

You don’t need any technical skills. You don’t need to hire a lawyer. You don’t need to be a good sales person. It is all done for you. 

Learn Sales & Marketing Techniques to Start Getting Clients This Week! 


  • Being your own boss & working at your own pace
  • ​​Having the freedom to set your own working hours 
  • ​Providing financial stability for your family in an uncertain economy
  • ​​​Having the flexibility to spend more time with your family if you wish
  • ​​​Making up to $120 per hour 
  • ​​​Having a network of happy customers who are delighted with your services and recommend you to all their friends 
  • Being your own boss & working at your own pace
  • ​​Having the freedom to set your own working hours 
  • ​Providing financial stability for your family in an uncertain economy
  • ​​​Having the flexibility to spend more time with your family if you wish
  • ​​​Making up to $120 per hour 
  • ​​​Having a network of happy customers who are delighted with your services and recommend you to all their friends 
  • ​Enjoying the feeling of success and running your own business

​ ​If you have some drive and desire to make a better life for you and your family then this is all possible. 

I remember the day I started my first cleaning business.

It was pouring rain outside and I had just finished my shift as a charity sales rep. I nipped into the local food court with my girlfriend to grab some chocolate.

We were chatting about ways to make a little extra money. I began to write down every idea that popped into my head - clothing store, facial creams, bumper stickers..

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a cleaner who was working in the supermarket and BOOM! That was it. I knew I could do that.

I didn’t need any special skills. I didn’t need a lot of money to start. I could hire other people to do the hard work and the profit margins were big.

I already had good sales skills and I knew exactly what to say to close deals once I got on the phone to the right people.

I’m not a professional business mentor or “guru” or any sorts.

I’m just a regular sales rep who just happens to know how to find the right clients and knows exactly what to say to them to make the sale.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.
How much easier would it be knowing that you have all the knowledge and support to show you the exact steps to getting your first client and knowing how to provide an excellent cleaning service to them?

You are going to get a list of business owners in your area who are crying out for good quality and reliable cleaners.

You will get my money-making sales scripts so you know exactly what to say on the phone to these business owners. 

With training and a system like this in your back pocket, it won’t take long before you are booking new clients.

 Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll you'll inside...

The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package


    ●110+ Page Step by Step guide teaching you everything you need to know to    start your successful cleaning business
    ●“Start a Cleaning Business” Completion Certificate so you have more authority and confidence approaching clients.
    ●Exact steps that will take you from absolute beginner to cleaning professional who knows the in’s and out’s of the trade.
    ●All word documents including invoices, legal contracts etc. All you have to do is insert your business name and number and you are ready to go!
    ●How to hire rockstar subcontractors; what to pay them and how to manage them so they never let you down and always deliver a great service.
    ●Plus More



    ●All necessary documents “done for you” including invoice templates/ agreements/ contractor agreements for: Domestic cleans/ End of Lease Cleaning/ Commercial/ Office cleaning/ Apartments/ Hotels/ Shopping malls/ Government Tenders & more.
    ●How to quote on jobs - what to charge etc.
    ●Plus more

The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning 10x Guide


    ●CARPET CLEANING 10X Ultimate guide to start and market your CARPET and cleaning business.
    ●How to upsell additional services to your clients to increase your revenue with little extra effort.
    ●How to easily add an additional revenue stream on top of your cleaning business. (Hint: Selling to existing clients is the easiest sale you will ever make). 

Editable Templates & Advertising Material


    ●Editable advertising material templates:
    ●Flyers/ Business cards/Newspaper ads and where to get them printed!
    ●Profitable marketing strategies for both free and paid advertising
    ●Plus more

Powerful Cold Calling Scripts


    ●Powerful Cold Calling Scripts teaching you exactly what to say on the phone to NEW CUSTOMERS.
    ●How to sound confident and professional on the phone.
    ●Know exactly how to close the sale without feeling embarrassed or awkward.
    ●Business to Business cold calling scripts so that you can land high paying commercial contracts
    ●Outbound phone calling strategies used by the best companies in the world.
    ●Effective strategies for dealing with Real Estate Agencies and how to get them working with you.
    ●Plus more

Quotation & Invoice Templates Package


    ●All necessary documents including invoice templates/ agreements/ contractor agreements for: Domestic cleans/ End of Lease Cleaning/ Commercial/ Office cleaning/ Apartments/ Hotels/ Shopping malls/ Government Tenders & more.
    ●How to quote on jobs - what to charge so you are not undercharging and getting the most out of the deal.
    ●Plus more

The Infectious & Disinfection Training Manual


    ●COVID PANDEMIC Infectious and disinfection commercial cleaning training manual so you are ready to capitalize on the cleaning boom that is coming.
    ●ASSESSMENTS to train staff on how to do their job efficiently and providing a 5 star quality service to your clients
    ●How to train your staff on HELPING YOU OBTAIN NEW CLIENTS!
    ●Infectious and disinfection commercial cleaning training CERTIFICATE so that businesses know that you are ready for the challenges post Covid. 

Social Media 10x Pack


    ●Over 200 Social media cleaning stock images to make your content stand out and get the attention of your future clients.
    ●Premade Posts with quotes so that you get lots of engagement and eyeballs on your new business.
    ●Optimized hashtags, captions to use for your Social Media and Website so that you drive more of the right clients to your offers.
    ●Strategies on running ADVERTS online so you always have a stream of new clients ready to sign up.
    ●Professionally made Advertising Videos that build an instant bond and connection with your prospects.
    ●Plus more

Additional free BONUS: Get A FREE Database of Businesses in Your Area Screaming Out For High Quality Cleaners worth $197
(Available This Week Only!)

TO JUMPSTART YOUR BUSINESS we will also send a complete database, full of potential clients for your chosen niche and local area. This includes Restaurants, Gyms, Real Estate Agents, Cafes, Accountants etc. All businesses that will need high quality cleaners as the lockdown and restrictions ease up.You will get all their details including their phone number, email, website and social media accounts. Just follow the phone scripts I’ve provided and you could have your first client by the end of the day. 

Included In 2021 Package

  • ​Learn How To Run & Scale A Cleaning Business Package ($595 value)
  • ​Over 50 Editable Templates & Advertising Materials ($175 value)
  • ​The Ultimate A-Z How to clean ($495 value)
  • ​Social Media 10X Pack ($700 value)
  • The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning 10X Guide ($195 value)
  • ​Quotation, Invoices, Scripts, Checklists Templates Package ($495 value)
  • ​Infection and Disinfecting Cleaning Training Manua ($199 value)
  • Total Value $2,800 


Why It’s Just $37
(All It Takes Is ONE Cleaning Job To Make This Full Investment Back! Crazy, Right?)

The first question I get asked is “Why is this so cheap?”.

To be honest I could turn this into a franchise opportunity and charge up to $10,000 for the same material.

Let me be honest though, I detest franchises. They charge an arm and a leg and have no concern for the franchisees.

I am aware that the cleaning industry is particularly prone to rogue franchise operators who sell worthless franchises.

Learning how run and scale a cleaning business shouldn’t cost a fortune. There's no need to take out a loan or rent an office or any of that.

I would have never got started all those years ago if I needed a lot of money or skills to start. That is the great thing about a cleaning business and I want to give a hand up the ladder for anyone to gain financial security for their own family.

But I agree $37 is too cheap for what I am providing. 

So, I’ll Only Sell 200 More Copies
At $37 Before The Price Increases

Time is very much of the essence!

I can’t stress how important it is to get going fast.

The cleaning business is about to boom and lots of people who lost their jobs during the pandemic will be looking to get in on the cleaning business.

Learning early is the key, landing contracts and establishing a brand as the “go to” cleaner in your local area.

But the demand for this course is also going to increase and that is why I will be raising the price to $237 very soon.

And remember anyone who signs up this week will get access to the free database of local businesses in their area. Just pick up the phone and follow the script I've provided in this training and start booking them in for a cleaning service. Simple as that.

The more of these business owners you speak to, the more clients you will get. Guaranteed. And you will be surprised how easy it is once you get going.

You will wish that you signed up earlier. 

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We've had over 12,000 ordinary men and women who’ve leveraged this strategy to run and scale their own cleaning business…

I am positive that anyone who learns this system will be thrilled as they see for themselves how easy it is to book a calendar full of residential and commercial clients.

This system teaches exactly how to have conversations with a lot of potential clients, which inevitably is going to lead to more business.

But if for any reason, you decide that this training is not for you... Simply call my support team and we will refund you 100% of your money back. No questions, no hassle.

The risk is 100% on my shoulders because I know what I have created will help anyone who is serious about learning how to run a cleaning business.

So if you are eager to see how The Ultimate Cleaning Package can help bring in a stream of new leads and clients ….

Go ahead and grab your copy here...

But you must act fast because … 

This Offer Can’t Last Long…
Not At Such A Trivial Low Price

Seriously. Don’t be surprised if you return to this page a day or two from now and find we’ve doubled the price… or, more likely, locked it back in the vault
where only clients can get their hands on it.

So go ahead and click the button below and secure your spot while you can.

WARNING: Mistakes will be made

Running a cleaning business of a profitable size requires precise and accurate administration skills.

Many have tried to do this alone by reading books or listening to YouTube videos but chances are they have run themselves ragged and ended up back at square 1.

Learn how to do things the right way and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

There's no need to figure this out alone when we will teach you everything for a tiny price of $37. Nothing has been left out.

We've provided sample forms, agreements, records, phone scripts and marketing materials all ready to go. Learn how to get contracts, how to price them for profit, how to market your business for long-term success, and more.

With this proven system, you'll learn how to secure your future. And being only $37, you'd be crazy to miss it.

This system is the only thing standing between you and having a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to set your hours and make a nice profit at the same time. 
P.S. Remember: I’ve put hundreds of hours into this system after being in the cleaning business for over 5 years and creating a 6 figure lifestyle. There is more actionable training material here than listening to hours of YouTube videos or reading dozens of books. The training has worked for other businesses to run and scale a cleaning business. And with a 100% money back guaranteed, there's nothing to lose and a profitable cleaning business to gain. It's a no brainer and I suggest to get started right now. 
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